3D Printing

Manufactory, a leading 3D Printing service, leverages cutting-edge technology to bring your concepts to life. As the demand for precision and customization grows, 3D printing offers unparalleled opportunities, driving its increasing market demand. Whether you need prototypes for testing or bulk orders of finished products, Manufactory ensures top-quality results with swift turnaround times.


Manufactory’s Molding service is a pinnacle in precision manufacturing, offering both prototype development and large-scale production of finished products. With expertise in molding techniques, we deliver exceptional quality across varied quantities, catering to diverse client needs. From initial prototypes to seamless production of bulk orders, Manufactory ensures top-tier results in every phase of manufacturing

Sheet metal & Fabrication

Manufactory’s Sheet Metal & Fabrication service stands as a beacon of excellence in the vast market of metal manufacturing. With an extensive array of capabilities, we cater to the diverse needs of clients by offering a wide range of prototypes and finished products. Our commitment to quality and cost-efficiency ensures that whether it’s a prototype or a finished product, Manufactory delivers excellence within the sheet metal industry.


Manufactory’s Casting service epitomizes precision and versatility, providing both prototype development and large-scale production of finished casted products. With expertise in diverse casting techniques, we cater to varied client needs, ensuring top-notch quality whether it’s a prototype for testing or fulfilling bulk orders. Count on Manufactory for excellence in every stage of casting manufacturing


Manufactory, renowned for its expertise in forging, offers a premium manufacturing service backed by extensive knowledge and precision. Our mastery in forging is complemented by a vast network of trusted vendors, ensuring swift and efficient delivery that outpaces industry standards. Trust Manufactory for expertly crafted forged products delivered promptly through our exceptional vendor network.

Injection Molding

Manufactory excels in Injection Molding, showcasing expertise and precision in manufacturing intricate products. Leveraging our profound knowledge, we guarantee top-notch results in every injection molding project. Backed by an extensive network of vendors known for their efficiency, Manufactory ensures swift delivery, surpassing industry standards for timely order fulfillment.

Investment Casting

Our Investment Casting service at Manufactory caters to diverse product needs, placing client requirements at the forefront. With a broad spectrum of capabilities, we utilize an extensive network of manufacturing facilities to ensure economic production and minimize transit time. Count on us for precision-crafted products tailored to your specifications, backed by efficient and cost-effective manufacturing processes.


Our Machining service at Manufactory prioritizes client-centric solutions across a wide spectrum of product requirements. Leveraging a vast network of manufacturing facilities, we streamline processes for economic production and reduced transit times. Count on us for precision machining that meets your specifications, supported by efficient and cost-effective manufacturing practices.

Rapid Prototyping

Our Rapid Prototyping service at Manufactory offers global accessibility, ensuring swift prototyping solutions. With a seasoned team of experts, we excel in meeting clients’ technical needs and guaranteeing satisfaction through precise and efficient prototyping assistance. Trust us to deliver cutting-edge prototypes tailored to your specifications, seamlessly bridging concept to reality.

Bulk Manufacturing

Our Bulk Manufacturing service at Manufactory spans across global accessibility, ensuring seamless production on a large scale. With a proficient team adept at meeting technical specifications, we guarantee client satisfaction through tailored manufacturing solutions. Rely on us to deliver high-quality products consistently, meeting your bulk production needs with precision and expertise.

On Demand Manufacturing

At Manufactory, our On-Demand Manufacturing service is a comprehensive solution center, offering tailored assistance to meet client needs and resolve technical queries seamlessly. Our commitment extends to ensuring top-notch quality and smooth, timely delivery of products, guaranteeing a satisfying manufacturing experience for our clients.